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Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening Treatments 

There are numerous skin tightening treatments currently available. Take a look at Mick Jagger or Camilla Parker-Bowles and what do they have in common? Age is one thing, sagging jawlines and necks is another! Although they have more than enough money to cover the cost of a skin tightening treatment they have yet to visit one of SIAN’s Skin Care Clinics to reverse the effects. But you can!

What keeps our skin tight, plump and smooth are two proteins we naturally produce, collagen and elastin. In our mid-twenties the secretions produced from these proteins slowly start to decline and overtime, the presence of these substances in our skin is severely reduced. As a result of this process, like in the case of Mick and Camilla, deep wrinkles and creases have developed and their skin is sagging downwards.

Many skin tightening options are available and currently on the market. However, there are several important factors for you to consider before choosing a specific treatment or product that will work best for you. Years of experience providing our clients with a wide variety of skin tightening solutions. Has deepened our understanding and infused us with invaluable knowledge and diagnostic precision which are crucial factors in creating outstanding results for our clients.

At SIAN we’ll be glad to help our valued customers whoever they may be, locals, expats or travelers passing through Vietnam, to slow down or reduce the disappointing effects of sagging skin. We can provide you with the highest quality skin tightening services and products and show you, how the specific programs we’ve developed, if implemented regularly, can actually improve your appearance and reduce your risk of contracting the Mick Jagger like syndrome. Regardless of your age, skin condition or other factors we will be happy to assist you in finding a solution especially for you.

Skin tightening options
At SIAN we have mastered the art of combining several skin treatment options to create a more balanced and comprehensive result. Our clinics focus their attention on natural, non-surgical procedures. We will always be willing to assist you in determining which procedure better suits your profile and aesthetic needs.

SIAN’s anti-aging skin treatment program incorporates deep dermal laser penetration together with a naturally synthesized non-toxic injectable solution to stimulate collagen production thus leading to the natural improvements in the skin texture and tightness without any surgical interference.

The various forms of facial tightening treatments we offer at SIAN:

When will I see the results?
Generally, patients notice changes in their overall appearance immediately after the treatment.  However, since SIAN focuses on natural methods of skin tightening, we place our focus on collagen production. Therefore natural collagen synthesis usually occurs within 3 to 6 months after the initial treatment. After that our patients will realize and enjoy, tight, smooth, rejuvenated skin.  The more effort we put into the process, the better the results will be.  Several of our clients who visit us for regular treatment support are well into their 50’s and they look great, vibrant in fact with virtually little to no signs of sagging skin.

How long can I expect the results of my treatment(s) to last?
Combining several treatment methods often produces a better outcome and longer lasting results. Normally, several follow up visits will be necessary to maintain results for a longer period of time. Keep in mind the longevity of a specific treatment can be affected by your lifestyle, environmental factors, etc., etc. The results are usually long lasting for up to 2 years or so, once you established a regular program.

Few of us will ever be as wealthy as Camilla, however with help of one of SIAN treatment programs and their professional support we can look years younger when we reach her age..

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