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Facial Veins/ Rosacea

Facial Veins/ Broken Capillaries/ Rosacea

What are facial veins? (Also known as Spider Veins, Broken Capillaries, Telangiectasia and Rosacea), usually, they appear in areas around the cheeks, nose and legs. Although facial veins are not very uncommon among us, they can still create a lot of discomfort and embarrassment. These tiny tree shaped networks of capillaries appear when small veins dilate and break, thus leads to bruising. Unlike other typical bruising, these capillary networks do not heal and are very difficult to remove.

Usually, they appear in areas around the cheeks, nose and legs. They are purple, red and blue in color and are visible through thin facial skin. They are more visible in older individuals due to the fact that our skin gets thinner as we age and due to collagen loss.

Facial Veins/ Broken Capillaries/ Rosacea

Facial Veins are effectively treated with Intense Pulse Light (IPL) or Sclerotherapy with minimal downtime or risks in just a few quick, easy treatments.

What causes these veins?
Normally, these small veins are caused by natural aging, sun exposure, skin disorders (such as rosacea) and also by genetics. Likewise, unhealthy habits like smoking or alcohol abuse also add to the overall problem.

1. IPL Laser Therapy
Probably the best way to treat broken veins is laser therapy. This treatment option is best suited for small capillaries. It is simple, fast and very effective. Big advantage of laser treatment is the precision and it does not damage any unwanted skin tissue. By applying heat to superficial capillaries, the blood inside them turns into solid state thus leading to collapse in capillaries. This makes tiny veins disappear and blood removed by scavenger cells in your body.

Noticeable results can be apparent after the first session, however, for maximum results more visits are recommended with 4-6 weeks intervals. Normally, spider veins and rosacea can be improved by 80 per cent, on some occasions, portions of the patient’s face also show complete removal.

Procedure can take up to one hour. IPL laser treatment is not painful and usually done without anesthesia. However, topical anesthesia are also available and can be applied beforehand for maximum comfort.


  • Easy and effective
  • Nearly no discomfort
  • Practically no downtime
  • Brief procedure
  • Temporary side effects
  • Does not damage surrounding tissues

Possible side-effects
There might be redness and light swelling at the treated area. For some patients, the skin can be slightly bruised, also crusting can appear. All these side effects are temporary and will disappear within one week time.

2. Sclerotherapy Treatment
Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical vein removal procedure, generally practiced for veins that are 3mm and larger. It is very effective and without downtime.

It is performed by special chemical (sclerosant) injection into the damaged veins via micro-needles. This medication closes down the abnormal vein which is then reabsorbed into the body. This 15-30 minute procedure is done without anesthetic and is a very effective treatment for facial veins. At SIAN, our sclerotherapy products are from Germany and CE approved.

Possible side effects
Some side effects may appear at the site of injection. Usually, it comes in the form of bruising, small skin sores, redness and darkened skin. Normally, treated veins darken before fading. Your skin might feel quite tender for a period of several days. Skin cleansers and other skin products like sunscreen should be avoided.

For some patients, allergic reaction to chemical might occur. It is rarely serious though.

Side effects may take from several days to several weeks to subside. In order to reduce swelling and discomfort, vitamin K can be applied. Skin might feel irritated, nevertheless, any form of scratching or rubbing must be avoided.

What kind of results can I expect?
There are significant improvements for all skin types. For patients with venous insufficiency, chronic swelling and blood flow can be improved. For patients with cosmetic concern, appearance can be dramatically improved.

On average, up to 80% of unwanted veins can be eliminated with this procedure. Normally, it takes up to 6 weeks for spider veins and around 3 months for more massive veins to disappear. More than one session is advised for best outcome. Effects of this procedure are very long-lasting and brush-up sessions might not be needed for another couple of years.

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