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Welcome to SIAN Skincare & Laser Clinic

At SIAN Skincare Laser Clinic we can help you achieve better looking skin through our own customized skincare programs performed by our team of professionals. Our main focus is to help you look younger without surgery. Our SIAN programs combine different therapies such as lasers and products that vary depending on your skin type.

When it comes to our patients, we believe in a very personalized, science-based based treatment approach. Your skincare program will be customized to the specific skin type you possess. We recognize that you have one of 16 various skin types.

We treat a variety of stubborn skincare problems such as wrinkles, acne, scars, enlarged pores, facial and leg veins, rosacea, stretch marks, pigmentation, melasma, ingrown hairs, age spots, birthmarks, moles and skin tags. We perform skin tightening, rejuvenation, tattoo and hair removal as well.

With thousands of different treatments and products on the market today, our goal is to help you filter out the hype from the science and direct you to the best methodology. This saves you time and energy. We place a high emphasis on getting rid of your root problem, regardless what your skin concern is to help you prevent future occurrences. Not only do we focus on prevention, we recognize that some skincare problems only mask the issue and may cause other issues. That is why our treatments are long-term focused, thus bringing the greatest value to you. You will find our professional team really is looking out for your best interests.

Some of our treatments include laser and radiofrequency therapy (CPT, Venus Viva, Fractional laser, Medlite Q-switched pulsed laser, Thermage, Cryotherapy and new generation IPL), chemical peels, botox, injectable dermal fillers, anti-aging injectables, and our very own special SIAN threadlift technology.

No matter what your age or gender is you deserve to feel your best. SIAN Skincare Laser Clinic believes that you feel your best, when you look your best. Therefore, since 2009, we have helped thousands of patients to be their best with our skincare services. Currently we serve the community with two clinics in Ho Chi Minh City.


SIAN Filorga Fillers
It is a substance that is naturally found in human body, usually in the joints or eye liquid. Hyaluronic acid rejuvenates skin by its impressive ability to hold moisture. Therefore, it keeps skin moist and elastic.


Thermage Treatment with SIAN
SIAN Clinic is one of the very few clinics in Vietnam to offer the latest Thermage CPT system for an advanced skin tightening and comfort.


This is one of the most advanced and efficacious laser treatment options available on the market at the moment. At SIAN, we have been using this laser to produce astounding, dramatic changes after only one visit.

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