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Enlarged Pores

Enlarged Pores Are Small Openings in Your Skin

Enlarged Pores Are Small Openings in Your Skin. They might seem tiny and insignificant but actually pores are more vital part of our bodies than we think. Since hair follicles, sweat and oil glands find their way out through pores, these tiny openings play an important part in keeping your skin and body healthy. Pores flush out toxins, regulate body temperature and keep skin oiled in order to maintain it vitalized and hydrated.

Enlarged Pores

However, large pores generally don't appear nicely. They attract attention and can even look similar to acne scars and pitting. When you look at people with flawless or porcelain like skin, you don't see their pores. Also many complications arise when pores become enlarged. Dirt and excessive oil build up might cause acne and give your skin that tired, aged look.

A lot of individuals encounter this problem. The truth is that it is more difficult to treat than you might think. Often times, more advanced treatment methods carried out by skincare professionals is the right solution due to simple remedies, like creams or lotions, do not make any noticeable progress. Temporary improvements appear, but soon, you roll back to the unenergetic, troubled skin.

What are the causes for large pores?
Undoubtedly, the majority of skin related problems appear as we age, enlarged pores are not an exception. It is a natural phenomenon due to loss of collagen and sun damage, unhealthy lifestyle could also be a contributor. With age, our skin looses elasticity thus making pores to dilate. Our skin hardens, making cells to accumulate around edge of the pores thus stimulating the stretching process. Another factor that contributes to pore size is blackheads. When excess oil, dirt and bacteria get clogged in the pore, it forces it to expand.

Genetics is another major factor for having large pores. For people who hold hard and oily skin type, enlarged pores are more likely to appear.

Treating enlarged pores at SIAN Clinic:
To reduce large pores effectively, we recommend seeking help from the professionals. Fortunately, there are a number of effective ways to get treated at SIAN Clinic. According to your skin type and severity of the problem, our experts will determine which treatment suits you the most.

  • Venus Vena Laser therapy
    This treatment is highly effective in reducing the size of pores. Approximately 6 -8 sessions are required and their is little downtime with this procedure.
  • Microdermabrasion
    This procedure is used to remove thick, uneven layers of the outer skin, leaving you with fresh and healthy skin without enlarged pores and other blemishes. It also thickens collagen which makes skin smooth and taut. This procedure is not abrasive, has no side effects apart from temporary redness. It takes little time to perform and recover.
  • Skin Peeling System
    SIAN clinic uses Glykopeel® treatment system which breaks down thick surface level of the skin and exfoliates dead cells. This treatment can penetrate 3 different levels of the skin depending on the severity of your case. Glykopeel option also revitalizes skin with essential vitamins and stimulates collagen production. Procedure has no downtime or discomfort.
  • Medicated Facial Treatment
    A great, non-invasive and safe way to treat your enlarged pores is having a facial procedure. Facial is a very natural remedy and suits every skin type. At SIAN Clinic, we offer personalized facials that suit your particular skin type and needs. In general, facials are an excellent way to cleanse your pores and skin with very soothing touch. All the blackheads which block and enlarge your pores can be easily extracted. Facial treatments on a regular basis help you balance the oil production and healthy cell formation, therefore avoiding large pore emergence.
  • Medlite Q-Switched Laser 
    This non-invasive laser treatment is a very effective solution to enlarged pores. Even though this solution is considered to be one of the most powerful on the market, there is very little downtime and the only side effect is minimal redness, which subsides in a couple of hours. Laser treatment also stimulates collagen and elastin production.
  • Nano Fractional 
    This solution for enlarged pores can be used for any skin type, age and color. It is a safe and pain-free treatment which works by sending multiple fractional radiofrequency currents into the skin. These signals heat up the dermis thus stimulating collagen production. Dramatic improvements are made only after one visit. Individual treatment plan is made to address specific needs patient might have. There is little or no downtime associated to this procedure.

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