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About SIAN Skin Clinic: It’s Not Just Skincare – It’s an Experience

SIAN Skin Clinic was established in 2009 and is a Canadian/Australian managed anti-aging, beauty skincare centre with an ASIAN team approach to service and care. Currently, we are servicing clients in two modern clinics located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. SIAN is part of a international healthcare group including Westcoast International Dental Clinic and Maple Healthcare Wellness Clinics in Vietnam

Part of our success is our ability to work as a team with the same shared values, philosophy and vision. Our team consists of professional dermatologists, laser technicians and facial estheticians. We offer a unique treatment protocol that is fundamentally “SIAN” with innovative services such as:

  • SIAN Rapid Acne Away program
  • SIAN Pigmentation and Whitening 5 week glow treatment
  • Bikini Easy with SIAN Laser hair removal program
  • Non-surgical facelift
  • SIAN Thermage radiofrequency for skin tightening
  • SIAN’s Laser programs calibrated and set depending on your skin type needs

As relationship and trust is important for our mutual growth, we are focused on providing you with memorable experience over and above excellent treatment results. Our selective treatments performed by professional team employing technologically advanced equipment and products to make a difference in many peoples’ lives. For us, the greatest value and source of motivation comes from our success in enhancing someone’s life by making them feel happy.

What Does SIAN Stand for?
S – Superb Service: Skincare at SIAN is not just skincare – It’s an experience. We make sure, that you as a client receive highest and most personalized treatment journey possible.

I – Immense Innovation: Thanks to at our ASIAN experts, your treatment can be made in a personalized manner. We combine various products, methods and technology to achieve the best outcome for you.

A – Advanced Approach: Your skin is special and we know it. We determine your particular skin type and best treatment approach. We use most advanced FDA approved machinery for safe and effective results.

N – Natural New: You will get new looks that will be natural with "Hey, something looks younger about you." We do not create looks, we merely reinstate them. Our customers can enjoy beautiful results achieved by minimally invasive care we practice.

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