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Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown Hairs Treatment

Ingrown hairs can create a lot of discomfort due to the inflamed red spots they cause. It can be painful and uncomfortable to remove them. In more severe cases, ingrown hair can cause scarring. Technically, anyone can have ingrown hairs, but usually they are more prone to develop in individuals with curly or coarse hair. At SIAN Clinic, we offer a highly effective treatment for both men and women.

Why do we get ingrown hairs?
What happens in the hair growing process is that they curl back into the skin, thus creating clog in the pore. Accumulated dead skin cells and bacteria lead to inflammation, which can be painful and embarrassing.

There are many reasons why we develop this imperfection. It is common in people who regularly remove their hairs in one way or another. For instance, when the hair is shaved, it acquires sharp edge therefore it is more prone to get ingrown. This issue is quite common for women in the bikini, underarm areas and in beard, neck areas for men.

Tight clothing can increase the possibility for ingrown hair due to friction. Apart from everything, ingrown hair can appear naturally as well.

Treatment for ingrown hairs
If not treated properly, ingrown hairs can become infected, darken the skin and even create scars. At our clinic, we offer IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) or Candela GentleYag hair removal procedure, which is the most effective way to treat ingrown hair problem. We have excellent results in patients with dark, curly and coarse hair as well as patients with blonde hair. There are several advantages for choosing Intense Pulsed Light therapy. For one, it is safe without side effects or downtime. The procedure has high efficiency and is cost effective, when looking at the fact it is preventing ingrown hairs to reappear in future.

How to avoid ingrown hairs?
A good way to avoid ingrown hairs is letting them grow for a period of time without removing them in any way. On the other hand, if you want to continue hair removal, but meanwhile avoid ingrown hair, here are some tips for shaving:

  • Use sharp, single bladed razor
  • Wet the area with warm water and use gel
  • Shave in the same direction your hair grows
  • Rinse razor after every stroke with hot water
  • Use as little strokes as possible
  • Do not shave too close, leaving little stubble if possible

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