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Acne Treatments

Acne Treatments at SIAN Clinic

Over the years our experts have acquired significant experience providing satisfying acne treatments to thousands of patients. We recognize the differences in each and every one of our clients and realize there is a particular root cause perpetuating our acne conditions that needs to be unraveled.

SIAN’s acne philosophy is as simple as it is brilliant! We choose to look at the treatment process from a long-term perspective. Our goal is to get to the core of your skin issues and to help you heal them. Let’s get real acne is a big problem for many people! A severe case can be emotionally charged and even debilitating, causing ones confidence to evaporate quickly and in a worst case scenario ruining an important social event. We at SIAN know there are many acne treatments options and our highly skilled team often combines therapies to insure rapid resolution.

Acne Treatments

One of the most common causes for acne is hormonal fluctuations, this situation occurs in most adolescents and teenagers. The majority of us experience varying degrees during our puberty cycles. However, with some of us, the very first sign of acne doesn’t appear until our mid-twenties or later. Often more sophisticated acne treatments methods are required, simply because topical creams, gels or antibiotics might not be effective. A serious outbreak of acne can wreak havoc, undermining your quality of life regardless if you’re a teenager or an adult. There are several forms of acne that require significant amounts of time, patience and focused care to be effectively treated.

The Problem
Acne issue arises when glands in our skin start to produce an excess of oil called sebum. This oil is an essential element to keep your skin smooth and protected. However, when the sebaceous glands start producing larger quantities of oil, pores get blocked and become excellent breeding grounds for bacteria. Bacterium called propionic-bacterium causes inflammation and redness which we associate with acne. In more severe cases, acne type cysts can develop deep beneath the surface of the skin. Rupturing of the cysts result in what is called acne scarring.

Acne treatments at SIAN
One of the most important aspects in a successful treatment process is professional consultation. During this phase we’ll share in a discussion to better understand you, your particular skin condition and lifestyle. This key element will help us to determine the best treatment approach for you.

SIAN will offer various treatment options for you to consider. We will also provide recommendations in accordance with our assessment of your skin type and condition. Normally a combination of prescribed medications with clinically proven methods leads to the appropriate solution.

Treatment options

  • Skin Peeling System: contains major ingredients to slow sebum production and dead skin cell build up which reduces inflammation. At SIAN, each peeling system is specifically tailored to our client’s skin condition and their concerns. A series of treatments is usually recommended for optimal results.
  • Microdermabrasion: gently exfoliates the skin, clears debris, un-clogs the pores and smoothes areas of light acne scarring.
  • Cryolift Light (LED) Therapy: is completely painless, natural way to treat you acne issues. It is suited for all skin types. LED treatment is carried out by administering red and blue light. Blue lights eliminate bacteria which cause inflammation, and red light penetrates deeper levels of the dermis, limiting inflammation while boosting the healing process.
  • Cortisone Injections: is another option for deep papules, nodules or cysts. Treatment consists of administering corticosteroid injections via a very small needle into the problem area. Generally speaking, it takes around seven days for an affected area to heal. This treatment option dramatically reduces scar occurrence as well.
  • Antibiotics, Ointments and Accutane: A full home care regimen suited specifically for your skin type will be discussed with you by SIAN experts to ensure your success and satisfaction.

What happens after an acne treatment?
Within a few weeks of receiving a SIAN acne treatment, you will start to notice exciting results. However, you’ll have to be patient because full recovery can take up to three months.

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