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Age Spots/ Birthmarks/ Freckles/ Moles/ Skin Tags

Age Spots or skin lesions are very common among us. They can vary in size, color, and can appear anywhere on your body. Some skin lesions are present at birth such as birthmarks and moles, while others develop later in life, such as warts. Skin lesions can be hereditary or may be caused by various other factors like the accumulation of bacteria or toxic environmental influences.

First and foremost, it’s vitally important to understand what type of skin lesions we are dealing with, so a careful examination is recommended. Based on the results, our experts at SIAN will determine which treatment method is most suitable for your particular situation and specific needs. Therefore, we’ll not only look at the lesion itself, but will also consider your current health and family history to identify any genetic connections.

Age spots, also known as liver spots, freckles, moles and other unwanted pigmentation are often associated with skin ageing and sun damage caused by excessive exposure to the sun. From the age of around 40 the skin is less able to regenerate from sun exposure and age spots start to appear. Generally, these age spots cause no health risks, however, they can be unsightly and create a patchy, less youthful appearance. Freckles, moles and age spots are successfully lightened or removed by receiving Fractional CO2 Laser or Solari Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments.

Birthmarks are common skin lesions that are present at birth or developed shortly afterwards. There are two main types: vascular birthmarks which result from a concentration of blood vessels or pigmented birthmarks which consist of pigment producing cells. The depth of the birthmark and its characteristics affect the response to treatment. Birthmarks can often be successfully reduced or eliminated by using Medlite Q-Switch Laser or Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments.

Skin tags are small brown or flesh-colored growths that hang from the surface of the skin. They are completely harmless and are usually only a few millimeters in size. They can be found on the face or body and affect men or women. At SIAN we offer Fractional CO2 Laser treatment procedures to remove skin tags.

What happens during treatment?
Treatments vary according to our client’s individual skin condition, generally speaking a simple procedure takes around 15 minutes. For maximum comfort we use a topical numbing cream prior to the treatment. The laser treatment itself feels like small pinch on the skin surface.

Immediately afterwards the area will be treated with special topical ointment or cream, ice packs may also be applied. Our experts will provide you with additional information on how to take care of the treated areas post-surgery.

Are there any possible side effects?
Side effects vary depending on the particular procedure you receive! Your health and heredity will also affect the outcome. Prior to your procedure our experts will discuss all risk factors, as well as the potential benefits of the procedure. Common post-procedure effects usually involve mild redness, inflammation and light bruising around the area which can last from a few hours to several days.

The application of a Fractional CO2 laser treatment causes a superficial wound on the skin that takes a week or more to heal. The minor injury on the outer layers of the skin may cause mild to moderate redness, swelling and crusting. Scarring and infections can happen but are very rare.

After each treatment, you should keep the treated area protected and eliminate direct exposure to sun for at least 6 weeks or as long as our expert support team advises. Once the area is healed we recommend you protect it with sun block whenever there is the risk of sun exposure. The treated area may heal with increased or decreased pigmentation. Usually this occurs with darker complexions. Hyperpigmentation usually fades in 3 to 6 months and even though permanent pigment changes are rare, we don’t want this to occur. So we’ll develop a post treatment protocol plan that we’ll recommend specifically for you

What kind of results can I expect?
In most cases SIAN’s laser treatments, lead to satisfactory fading or complete removal of freckles, age spots, moles, skin tags and birthmarks. In order to reduce the possibility of freckles and age spots from returning, it is recommended that you minimize your sun exposure.

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