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Doctor Team at SIAN

SIAN doctor team sets the bar in Vietnam. We are proud to introduce our internationally diverse team of doctors, from Vietnam and Thailand. Every one of our doctors is an expert member of our team, an integral part of the SIAN structure and philosophy, each offering a unique skill-set, acquired from their own special Asian environment and origins.

We believe their combined experiences and personal perspectives are a critical factor in their innate, collective ability to make accurate treatment assessments and achieve the best possible results for our clients.

SIAN clinics set the bar for quality standards in Vietnam with their focused, comprehensive and personalized approach to skincare. For us a great skincare program includes evaluation, lifestyle, treatment goals, daily maintenance and most important of all, our joint commitment to the process. Taking all these elements into consideration we are able to prescribe the best possible services and products to support your expectation and satisfaction.

Together our doctor team can help you solve a wide range of skincare issues by sharing our extensive collection of experience, knowledge and know how in relation to Aesthetic Dermatology, Laser treatment sand Thread-lifting applications, Plastic Surgery, Fat Transplantation, Stem-cells, various other Cosmetic Therapies and high quality skincare products. In Vietnam, you can trust SIAN clinics as your first choice, the best choice.

Products used in SIAN clinics are carefully assessed and discriminately selected by our doctor team. The skincare industry is rapidly changing and constantly evolving and we stay tuned to the trends. We can assure you we’re on top of the situation, always offering the best service and products on the market.

We are purposeful and passionate about our work and seek to satisfy our patients every step of the way.

We are driven by our biggest passion which is to assist patients look as good as possible and to feel that way too. Customer focus, teamwork and constant growth are the cornerstones of our work. As professionals we keep our finger on the pulse of new developments, staying up to date with the rapidly changing technologies indicative to the skincare industry. At SIAN we believe that our evidence based practice and protocols serve the best interests of our patients, therefore we continually study and analyze new research data as it arises, in addition, training sessions are routinely scheduled within our organization! The sum of our efforts makes us the most competent, result driven, skincare clinic in Vietnam.

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