SIAN Skincare Laser Clinic

Smart HIFU Ultherapy

(High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) 

Smart HIFU Ultherapy is a new & advanced system, a non-surgical alternative to rejuvenating and tightening your skin and reducing or eliminating wrinkles.

Ultrasound technology was initially used to treat cancerous tumors. Later research studies revealed that the ultrasound energy can penetrate deep layers of the skin which are difficult to access by lasers. The energy transmitted during this process is absorbed into the deeper layers stimulating collagen formation, contraction and tightening of the skin. At SIAN, we use a Smart HIFU Ultherapy device and interchangeable hand piece cartridges at varying depths which allows us to modulate the depth potential. We can penetrate the superficial dermis at 1.5mm, the deep dermis at 3mm or the facial SMAS muscles (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) at 4.5mm. Depending on the treatment function and the issues being treated, we can vary the way we administer the treatment over different skin areas to achieve the most effective outcome.

This device is effective on the facial and the neck areas, especially the cheeks, under the chin, around the eyes and the forehead. We can also use it for the décolleté area. This technology allows a highly concentrated ultrasound wave to penetrate the skin, thus stimulating the deep skin tissues at a temperature of 60-70℃ which results in the shrinkage of the surrounding tissue. Subsequently, collagen production is triggered which leads to gradual skin tightening and rejuvenation.

Smart HIFU Ultherapy is used to:

  • Buccal/Cheek skin lifting and tightening
  • Jowl lifting
  • Marionette line reduction
  • Improving chin line and double chin
  • Skin tissue tightening on forehead
  • Brow line lift
  • Improve and smoothing the skin texture

Advantages of HIFU:

  • HIFU can reach the deep subcutaneous layers of skin up to 4.5 mm, making it one the most advanced and effective thermal methods for improving wrinkles
  • It’s a special high intensity ultrasound technique that stimulates deep layers of the facial muscles which reduces (SMAS) the root cause of wrinkles
  • No surgery or skin lift required
  • Completely safe and virtually pain-free
  • No downtime
  • It’s a quick procedure assuring no postoperative complications

Does it hurt?
The procedure is practically pain free! However, some discomfort may occur in some patients depending on the skin area being treated. The structural (bone) facial areas might be more sensitive to the treatment. Overall, the procedure feels smooth even when the highly focused ultrasound energy heats up the deep dermal levels of the skin. At SIAN, we use a “no pain” protocol and our doctors will consult with you about the intensity level of heat used in your specific treatment in order to keep the experience as pleasant-painless as possible.

The great advantage of this procedure is that even though very tangible changes are achieved in the deeper layers of the skin, there is no harm done to the surface layer of the skin.

This procedure requires practically no downtime and you can comfortably return to your day after the treatment. In addition, there are no other special procedures or measures you need to consider too attain satisfying results. A slight redness might be experienced for a few hours post treatment and there is the possibility of some insignificant swelling, tingling or tenderness lingering for a longer period of time. The minor side effects mentioned above, will not restrict or impact your lifestyle in any way.

In very rare cases some minimal bruising or numbness can occur.

Is it Safe?
The application of ultrasound energy has a solid track record as a safe and effective treatment method, that’s been used successfully in the field of medicine for half a century.

How Permanent are the Results?
You will notice some degree of change right after the treatment, due to immediate stimulation of cortical collagen and SMAS shrinkage. Post treatment, collagen will start to restructure and more and more gradual changes will appear. Follow up treatments can be done every 3 to 6 months in order to maintain the lifting effects and ensure the treatment energy is being applied to where it will be most beneficial.

In general, the results of Ultherapy are permanent! In essence, your skin will always look better than if you hadn’t been treated. The reality and constancy of the aging process is guaranteed, so not even the most aggressive procedure can stop it. Skincare can be compared to sports – if you want to stay fit, a continuous investment of time, energy and effort is required.

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