Profhilo injection for skin rejuvenation and firmness

Profhilo is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation solution now offered at SIAN Skin Care and Laser Clinic. It’s a cutting-edge beauty method that has captured the hearts of countless women in the Vietnamese market. In this informative article, SIAN invites you to learn more about this innovative technique, shedding light on its remarkable benefits and exploring why it has become a popular choice for skin rejuvenation.

profhilo injection for skin rejuvenation and firmness

What is Profhilo?

Profhilo is a bioregenerative injectable technology that substantially reduces wrinkles on the face, neck, and hands. It utilizes a 100% pure hyaluronic acid technology developed in Switzerland – invented by the ISBA Derma group based on their own proprietary research – that gained FDA approval in 2015.

At SIAN Skin Care & Laser Clinic, the Profhilo restorative treatment will help you improve signs of aging, sagging, and lack of firmness in the skin. Moreover, Profhilo helps to restructure damaged skin, enhance moisture, and naturally tighten and smooth the skin.

So, what are the benefits of undergoing the Profhilo treatment that make it one of the top choices for women today?

Benefits of Profhilo for the skin

Profhilo is considered a remarkable development in the field of aesthetic medicine in many countries worldwide, such as the UK, the US, France, Singapore, and many others. In Vietnam, SIAN is one of the leading institutions in implementing this treatment that is trusted and chosen by many women.

Profhilo is an effective and safe beauty method using the B.A.P. injection technique, offering advantages such as:

  • Minimal injection points, away from blood vessels, providing a safe and painless experience, reducing swelling and inflammation while still delivering highly effective skin rejuvenation.
  • Saving recovery time and providing comfort to customers after the injection treatment.

Effective solution for treating wrinkles on the neck and hands

Profhilo is considered an effective method for addressing wrinkles due to the combination of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HA) and high molecular weight HA, helping to heal damaged tissues and improve wrinkles in challenging areas such as the neck and hands.

Hyaluronic Acid supplementation for natural skin moisturization

The HA in Profhilo is one of the main components in balancing natural skin moisture, providing twenty times better moisture retention than normal and contributing to elasticity, firmness, and smoothness. Moreover, HA is regarded as a superb ingredient in the beauty industry for accelerating wound healing.
According to experts, Profhilo is one of the best solutions for effectively supplementing HA for natural skin hydration.

Stimulating Elastin and Collagen production

Utilizing advanced HA regenerative technology, Profhilo is considered a breakthrough in skin rejuvenation. It stimulates the production of elastin and collagen stem cells, addressing issues such as aging, sagging and dehydration, resulting in effective skin firmness and radiance from within.

Furthermore, this beauty solution can also effectively aid in scar treatment, being eight times more effective than other conventional treatments.

Improving skin sagging and firmness

You will notice significant and even results on the skin after the treatment within two to three weeks. The thermally bonded hyaluronic acid provides multi-layer restructuring effects, allowing prolonged HA storage in the skin, surpassing other methods of improving skin sagging and providing a youthful, beautiful, healthy, and firm skin from the inside out.

Duration of the treatment

Typically, a complete Profhilo treatment consists of two to three injection sessions, depending on the individual's skin condition.
The first injection is performed one month prior to the second injection, and the second injection is spaced approximately six months ahead of the third injection.

Considerations when undergoing Profhilo

To ensure effectiveness and maximize the benefits, you should take note of the following factors when receiving Profhilo injections:

  • Limit massaging the injection sites as any bumps or lumps that may occur will disappear within a day.
  • Stay well-hydrated to enhance the effectiveness of the hyaluronic acid (HA).
  • Profhilo is a suitable aesthetic procedure for both men and women. The results of the Profhilo treatment typically last between 6 to 9 months, depending on each individual's skin condition.
  • Choose reputable and professional facilities with years of experience to ensure the desired results and quality of service.

Reasons to choose Profhilo at SIAN

SIAN Skin Care and Laser Clinic has always been a pioneer in implementing and utilizing modern beauty solutions. With a team of leading doctors and physicians who have extensive experience in the field of aesthetic care, SIAN is committed to delivering customer satisfaction by providing smooth, radiant, and healthy skin from within. Additionally, after the treatment process, the medical team will accompany and guide you in effective, optimal, and rapid skin care and recovery.

If you have any questions regarding the Profhilo treatment – the new breakthrough for youthful, firm skin – please contact SIAN for consultation and support.

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