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PRF combined with Laser Helios: Rejuvenation - Melasma removal - Skin tightening

PRF Combined With Laser Helios

A woman's skin is always the most important factor. But with the flow of time, the skin is gradually aging. That is always the top concern of all women. Skin aging causes you to highlight your beauty and feel self-conscious about your skin. Therefore, let's find out with SIAN the PRF process combined with Helios Laser: Rejuvenation - Melasma removal - Skin tightening and its effectiveness in the following article:

1. Efficacy of the combination PRF + Laser Helios

Uses of Laser Helios:

Laser Helios is the most modern technology today on Rejuvenation - Melasma removal. This method is widely applied to support the treatment of skin aging problems such as melasma, wrinkles, tightening pores, even tattoos. At the same time, the Helios Laser method also helps women rejuvenate their skin and help their skin smooth and shiny.

The highlight of the Helios Laser is to selectively destroy the harmful agents of melanin, help increase the production of beneficial collagen for the skin, eliminate pigmentation and pigmentation. Therefore, your skin will be Rejuvenated - Remove melasma after only 1 course of use.

Uses of PRF:

PRF is a skin beautifying solution that is not too strange in the beauty world of women. PRF method brings the optimal to help Rejuvenate - Tighten the skin, stimulate collagen production to slow down the aging process and prevent premature aging. At the same time improve skin problems, help skin healthy from the inside out.

With the mechanism of action is to draw blood from your body and place it in a centrifuge at low speed, collecting more PRF than the previous PRP method. Injecting PRF into the areas of skin that need to be treated, will stimulate the production of collagen bio-fibers to help the skin recover quickly and regain its smooth glossy appearance after only 1 treatment.

Efficacy of the combination PRF + Laser Helios

The combination of 2 methods PRF and Laser Helios brings many times higher efficiency than the single course, shortening treatment time and cost. The Helios Laser focuses on improving pigmentation and even skin tone, helping to reduce brown spots and patches of skin pigmentation. PRF will focus on rejuvenating the skin, tightening pores for brighter and smoother skin.

The combination of these two methods will help the skin to possess the firmness that you always want, even, rejuvenate - remove melasma - stretch and smooth.

At our SIAN, when these two treatments are combined with a technique performed by a specialist, you can see visible improvements in just 2 to 3 weeks each time.

2. Steps to take

At SIAN, the PRF + Laser Helios method is performed through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Visit, consult and evaluate skin condition with a doctor
  • Step 2: Remove makeup, remove dead skin cells, then wash your face.
  • Step 3: Anesthesia
  • Step 4: Carry out the course of treatment as advised by the doctor

As you probably already know, PRF and Helios are two completely separate treatments. Helios is laser on the surface, non-invasive, after finishing, you can resume normal activities immediately. And PRF is a multi-point injection, so it takes time to recover after the injection, but then your skin will be rejuvenated, bright white and smooth.

However, at SIAN, you can combine these two treatments in one day to shorten the course of treatment and bring faster and more optimal results (In the case of Helios laser, do it first and then anesthetize it). PRF later)

In addition, you can also divide the PRF + Laser Helios process into 2 different days: At that time, you will do PRF injections before and 1-2 weeks before doing Helios, or Helios do a few days before PRF injections. . The order of injection will be chosen by you to suit your needs and skin condition.

  • Step 5: Clean and apply essence to soothe the skin to speed up the skin's recovery
  • Step 6: Skin care instructions after the treatment.

3. Advice from a Doctor at SIAN

Post-treatment skin care is essential. Because without proper skin care, patients will have unnecessary troubles such as: acne, itching, ... Therefore, the leading dermatologists at SIAN cosmetic clinic always pay special attention to follow up and give clear specific advice for each customer. Ensure customers have the best recovery process, with the most effective beauty effect. Let's find out the following advice from the Doctor at SIAN:

Skin care after special treatment is advised by SIAN Doctors:

Do not wash your face with water for 24 hours after treatment

  • Do not wash your face with water for 24 hours after treatment
  • Use specialized lotions and sunscreens 2 to 3 times a day: after the Helios Laser treatment for melasma and freckles, you need to protect your skin well from the harsh sun for a long time. long.
  • It is recommended to let the laser spots flake off on their own, do not remove them by hand: after 5 to 7 days of laser treatment with Helios Laser, your skin will have a scabbing process according to a natural mechanism. You should note that you should not use your hands to peel off the scab, but let it fall off on its own. Peeling off the scabs with your hands can cause an infection.
  • Use and maintain a reasonable diet: you should not only focus on skin care from the outside but also focus on taking care of the hormones present in the body after laser treatment of melasma and freckles. Helios. You should balance everything in life, get enough sleep from 7 to 8 hours a day, supplement with nutrients rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, and especially drink lots of filtered water.

5 notes before performing the course

  • Follow your doctor's treatment plan for the best results
  • Follow the skin care instructions after the procedure
  • Treat as soon as possible to reduce costs, avoid when the skin condition appears aging, melasma, sagging ... severe condition treatment will cost a lot of money and prolonged treatment time
  • It is necessary to select and implement a reputable, long-standing operation with an operation certificate
  • Treatment should only be done when the doctor directly performs the treatment

Currently, SIAN is a Skin Care and Laser Clinic that is trusted by many beauticians. With many years of experience in the field of PRF and Laser Helios, SIAN is committed to giving you a bright, youthful, flawless skin.

PRF combined with Laser Helios

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