Non-Surgical Lift at SIAN

Non-surgical lift provides immediate and dramatic results. SIAN Lift insures a refreshed, relaxed, natural looking appearance without discomfort or other annoying mobility issues.

What Causes Sagging Skin?
The biggest factor affecting the condition of our skin is the natural aging process. Scientifically speaking, it is caused by the reduction of natural protein production in our skin called elastin and collagen, these proteins support and enliven our skin tissue, to attain plump, soft and youthful skin. When we are young our skin naturally produces these substances, as we age a rapid decrease in the synthesizing process unfolds. Some people lose more collagen and elastin than others, and the smoothness of our skin begins to sag and wrinkle often causing insecurities and other emotional distress.

Excessive exposure to the sun is one of the main causes for sagging skin, as the sun’s ray’s break down collagen and elastin. Other culprits include smoking, a bad diet and poor lifestyle choices.

Why Choose SIAN Lift?
Do you fell reluctant and opposed to the idea of slicing and dicing your face surgically? If your answer is yes, then a non-surgical lift is probably the most effective procedure for enhancing your skin. The type of lift treatments our experts at SIAN offer are a very effective, alternative in the battle against sagging skin. Although this procedure is a little invasive, no actual incisions or scaring will occur. The non-surgical lift provides immediate and dramatic results, without the need for going under the knife.

FYI, the SIAN lift procedure is not the same as what is known as a typical thread lift, although it does consist of thread placement under the skin. It is important to know that we use naturally bio-compatible cone-shaped threads which are organically absorbed by the body and no removal is needed. In addition to the fine results of the procedure, the natural rejuvenation process is further stimulated by collagen production.

On average the process takes around 30 minutes and requires the use of local anesthesia, the youthful effects can last up to 2 years. Our patients range in age from early 30’s through their 70’s. In general our clients regardless of age or skin type are very impressed with the results that can be achieved by this technique.

Are There any Possible Side Effects?
The SIAN Lift is administered with practically no downtime or side effects, except some minor bruising and swelling. This too quickly disappears along with the sagging and wrinkled skin tone, as SIAN’s post procedural protocols will help minimize recuperation time.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?
After the treatment your cheeks and the overall look of your face will be more elevated and plump. The SIAN Lift insures a refreshed, relaxed, natural looking appearance without discomfort or other annoying mobility issues. In order to enhance the healing process and increase your overall quality of treatment, it is recommended your skin remains undisturbed for a period of two weeks. We advise that you practice mindfulness, avoiding vigorous facial washing and any massage that includes direct contact with your face.

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