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Lips Augmentation

Lips Augmentation (Enhancement)

Why do I need lips augmentation? You may want to consider boosting up your lips if you feel your lips are too thin or lack expression. Lips are very special part of our body, massively contributing to our appearance. Each and every one of us has distinct shape and volume, which tend to change as we age. Gradually, the lips lose their fullness and plump shape we once possessed. Especially the upper lip tends to "deflate" and lines ("smoker’s lines") start to appear above it.

Why this happens? The reason behind it is the fact that when we are young, our skin naturally produces hyaluronic acid which keeps our skin full, hydrated and elastic. Over time, there is noticeable decrease in natural production of this substance, which therefore contributes to aged looks.

What are dermal fillers and how can they help with the lips augmentation?
One of the best anti-aging solutions for your lips are dermal fillers. There are natural and synthetic injections with different effects and longevity. For instance, natural fillers contain exact same acid your body produces, therefore it is a great solution for rejuvenating your lips and facial skin. Some of the adjustments that can be done for your lips with the help of dermal fillers are:

  • Shape, Structure, Volume
  • Create more definite smile
  • Turn corners of the mouth upwards
  • More youthful looking lips
  • Smooth out vertical upper lip lines (barcode lines /smokers lines)
  • Happier and more refreshed appearance

Lips augmentation procedure
Since lips can dramatically change the way we look, it is very important to have good understanding what your particular needs and wants are. Our expert team at SIAN Clinic will help you re-create the best look especially for you. There are a handful of criteria that have significant influence on your end results. For instance, face and lip shape, teeth, age, etc.

Overall, the procedure takes around half an hour. We start by applying numbing cream to your lips in order to minimize discomfort as much as possible. Then, the filler is administered by very small needle in the designated area. For maximum comfort, the fillers itself contain anesthetic which makes the procedure virtually painless.

Lips Augmentation

Are there any possible side effects?
It will take several days for your lips to form the exact shape constructed by our experts. During this period of approximately a week, your lips might feel swelling, bruised and tender.

In order to minimize the discomfort, ice pack can be used in the days following the procedure. In the first hours after treatment, we would recommend you not to apply lipstick or have hot drinks. Also, intense exercising is not advised for at least two days post treatment.

What kind of results can I expect?
We have to tell you that this is a very technique sensitive procedure and we at SIAN will tell you to be patient. A follow up is always advised to touch up if some re-balancing or contour is required. Because this procedure does produce swelling, we have to wait for it to settle to know the result. Depending on the particular product injected, your lips can maintain desired result anywhere between 6 months to 1 year. Since dermal fillers wear out with time, brush-up session every 6 to 9 months is needed in order to adjust desired volume and definition.

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