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Laser Scar Removal: 9 Things To Know Before and After Treatment

Learn the facts about laser scar removal. If you’re one of the many people affected by visible scarring, you’ll know how it can affect your confidence as well as your sense of comfort in social situations. While scars can range in appearance from unsightly marks to swollen keloids, they’re always a distracting and unwanted skin feature that most people would rather do without.

Laser Scar Removal Treatment

Fortunately, effective treatments for scarring are now available thanks to developments in modern laser technology. Laser scar removal is a powerful procedure that can reduce the visibility of scars, using focused light therapy to help the skin shed its outer layer as well as to stimulate the generation of new dermal cells that can obscure the damage. While the therapy can’t make scarring vanish completely, it can help to dramatically fade the appearance of the scar tissue and restore a healthier and more natural skin tone.

5 things you should know before laser scar removal treatment

Is laser scar removal the right option for you? Here are five things you should know before having the treatment:

1. Start with a Medical Consultation for Laser Scar Removal
It’s critical for the medical professional performing your laser scar removal treatment to be aware of any drugs or supplements you’re taking, as some medicines can affect the effectiveness of the procedure. You should also undergo an examination to determine your skin type, the details of your scar, and the state of your general health. Let the doctor know if you suffer from diabetes, cold sores, or if you’re a smoker.

2. You May Need to Change a Few Habits
If you do smoke, this may have an impact on your treatment, and you’ll need to stay smoke-free for at least a fortnight before the procedure. Avoid taking vitamin E supplements until after your skin heals following laser scar removal treatment, and don’t use skin care products containing retinoids or glycolic acid for a month beforehand. It’s also important to avoid spending too long in direct sunlight in the weeks leading up to treatment.

3. It May Take More than One Treatment
The number of treatments you’ll need will depend on the type of skin you have, as well as the type of scar you need treated. Your skin professional will determine the best course of laser scar removal treatment for you, which could involve several sessions to achieve the desired results.

Laser Scar Removal
4. You’ll Need To Look After the Affected Area
One the treatment is done, your skin will need time to heal, and you’ll have to take care of the site where your skin was treated. Your medical specialist will advise you on the steps you’ll need to prepare yourself to follow, to ensure you heal well and don’t experience unnecessary side effects.

5. The Results Take Time
Laser scar removal treatment isn’t immediate – it takes time for the effects to become apparent. While you may not see any immediate change, you should see the area gradually improve over the following weeks, or even months.

Laser Scar Removal Treatment

4 things you should know after the treatment

If you’ve made the choice to go ahead with your laser scar removal treatment, there are also some things you should know about what to expect afterwards. Here’s our list of five things to keep in mind:

1. Side Effects are Possible for Laser Scar Removal
It depends on the tone of your skin and the intensity of the laser, but some patients can experience discomfort, minor bleeding or swelling after the laser scar removal treatment, as well as infection, crusting or discoloration of the skin. These effects are generally mild and pass in time.

2. The Treated Skin Will be Covered
Following the procedure, your medical specialist will spread a layer of petroleum jelly or similar substance over the lasered skin area to protect it from the elements. You may also be given a cold pack to hold against the skin site.

3. Don’t Push Yourself
It’s not advisable to push through any discomforts or immediately return to your normal daily activities. Take things slow for at least a week after the procedure, and take any prescribed pain medications you need to prevent any pain you experience before it gets too uncomfortable.

4. You Can Make Recovery Easier
If you quit smoking before your treatment, stay away from cigarettes until at least a few weeks after you heal, as tobacco smoke can interfere with the recovering skin. If you experience any pain or swelling, apply a cold ice pack to relieve the symptoms, and try to elevate your head when sleeping by using extra pillows.

Medical advancements in laser technology have made laser scar removal a realistic option to greatly improve the appearance of damaged skin. If you’re seeking this treatment in Ho Chi Minh City, contact reception at SIAN Skincare Laser Clinic to make an appointment.

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