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BEAUTY BOOSTER –  Skin rejuvenation treatment

BEAUTY BOOSTER - The Exclusive Skin Tightening Treatment at SIAN

In recent years, Beauty Booster - The exclusive skin tightening treatment at SIAN is the most popular beauty method for many women today. This treatment brings many optimal effects to help restore damaged skin, rejuvenate the skin, bring the skin color, stretch, smooth and youthful. So what is the Beauty Booster process at SIAN and what effects do they bring? Find out with SIAN in the following article:

1. What is the Beauty Booster treatment?

1.1 What is Beauty Booster?

Beauty Booster is a combination of the most advanced PRF and HA technology. The Beauty Booster process, when put into the skin, will bring outstanding results. Specifically, at SIAN, the Beauty Booster process will help you restore damaged skin, tighten natural skin, and enhance elasticity. Besides, this procedure is also known as a method to improve the problems of wrinkles, dullness, roughness, and effectively provide moisture to the skin.

1.2 Implementation steps

Beauty Booster – The skin tightening treatment is considered to be the most trusted method of skin restoration by many women today. To bring the expected effect, the Beauty Booster process will be performed according to the following specific 7-step process:

Step 1: Consulting

Before proceeding with the Beauty Booster process, you will be examined and examined by experts and doctors to understand the skin condition you are experiencing. After that, you will be consulted specifically about this process and details about the costs during using the course.

Step 2: Cleanse the skin

Next is the cleaning process. Experts and doctors will conduct cleaning for the area injected with Beauty Booster, including steps such as: washing the face, exfoliating dead cells on the skin, using specialized essences to stabilize the skin. This is an extremely important step to help nutrients be better absorbed during the procedure.

Step 3: Treat the blood

After the skin has been cleaned, experts and doctors will process the blood by separating platelets, plasma, ... and processing HA to prepare for the injection of Beauty Booster.

Step 4: Incubation

To prepare for the process of injecting Beauty Booster into the skin, you will be anesthetized by experts and doctors at the injection sites. This activity will help you relieve pain during the Beauty Booster injection. Helps you temporarily lose sensation in the area where the injection will be.

Step 5: Administer the injection

After completing the above preparation steps, the experts and doctors will proceed to inject the Beauty Booster process into the skin as previously advised to you. Experts will adjust and inject an appropriate amount into the areas of the skin to ensure your skin will be the most natural.

Step 6: Apply P.P.P

After the injection, you will be applied P.P.P, this is the essence that helps the nutrients of the Beauty Booster process to be absorbed faster and more effectively. Thereby improving the effectiveness of injections and bringing white, shiny, smooth skin.

Step 7: Apply antibiotic

Finally, experts will apply antibiotics to the area where Beauty Booster is injected. Applying antibiotics will help prevent minor skin infections. Helps you to be safer and to resume normal activities after the injection process.

2. Effect of Beauty Booster

Skin rejuvenation is a new step in beauty medicine in many countries around the world and SIAN is one of the pioneers. SIAN Beauty Booster is more optimal than previous skin restoration methods. So, what exactly is the effect of Beauty Booster that has received so much attention and favor from today's beauty sisters?

After performing the Beauty Booster process, you will clearly feel the positive change in your skin. Most of the previous skin problems and skin defects will be improved and treated. Thereby, Beauty Booster will help you own a beautiful, youthful and bright skin.

  • Intensive moisturizing: Medically, when injecting Beauty Booster, the HA point will increase tissue absorption and water retention thanks to its ability to hydrate and enhance the activity of type 1 collagen.
  • Instantly plump skin: Thanks to the excellent water-holding capacity of HA, the skin is always absolutely hydrated. Therefore, your skin will always be shiny and smooth after injecting Beauty Booster.
  • Enhance elasticity: Collagen ingredients will be synthesized by Beauty Booster and create a beautiful skin with elasticity. Thereby, helping the skin improve wrinkles and prevent sagging over time.
  • Support for damaged skin recovery: Thanks to the combination of PRF and HA technology, Beauty Booster injection helps restore damaged skin quickly. Helps you to rejuvenate comprehensively without fear of being affected by age.

The effect of the course will be most noticeable 10 to 14 days after you have the injection. At the same time, you should maintain and follow the doctor's regimen from one to several times depending on your skin condition to achieve the desired results.

In addition, to achieve the fastest and most perfect effect, you should combine with skin care measures such as using sunscreen, regularly applying skin masks to add moisture and nutrients. skin from the outside.

3. Who should do the Beauty Booster treatment?

Beauty Booster is the most effective skin tightening method that is trusted by many customers at SIAN. However, you need to understand the cases where you can and should use the Beauty Booster injection process to be able to beautify in a smart way and bring outstanding results. Specifically, the following skin conditions are recommended by experts and doctors to use the Beauty Booster course:

  • Genetically dry skin, due to weather, has used many other moisturizing measures such as applying moisturizer, moisturizing mask, ... but still not effective.
  • The skin shows signs of skin aging, loss of elasticity, tautness, wrinkles and crow's feet.
  • Dark skin, freckles and age spots.
  • Damaged skin after acne treatment, needle roller, peel, ...
  • The skin does not regulate color, secretes a lot of oil, does not stretch and is rough.

Depending on the specific skin condition, the experts will give the solution as well as the appropriate injection dose to help you own the desired skin. At the same time, it gives women the youthfulness that defies time.

With the mission to bring safe and effective natural beauty, SIAN - Skin and Laser Clinic has always been a pioneer in skin beauty solutions for customers. With many years of experience in the beauty industry, SIAN is committed to bringing you a great experience with professionalism, speed and convenience.

If you are interested or have any questions about the Beauty Booster process but have not found a reputable facility to trust, please come to SIAN.

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